2012.12.02 - v0.5.0

  • Visit MagnetTracker.com for game giveaway contest details!
  •    Celebrating the v0.5.0 launch.
  • Script namespace changed to http://www.MagnetTracker.com
  •    Due to this change Trackers and Lists are reset. Sorry!
       Remove the old Magnet Tracker (v0.4.3 or below) from your Greasemonkey scripts!
       Upgrade instructions overlay added.
  • Added ability to send magnet links to WebUI.
  •    Added support for uTorrent WebUI.
       Tested with uTorrent 3.2 and WebUI 2012-05-05.
       Updates will add support for Deluge, Transmission and Vuze.
  • Added WebUI Connections menu section.
  •    Will list all enabled connections.
  • Added ability for Magnet/WebUI links to auto regenerate on overlay close.
  •    Only regenerates links if changes made to Trackers/Lists/WebUI.
       Only applies to active window/tab.
  • Added upgrade checks for Lists, Trackers, WebUI.
  •    Existing json_* values will now be updated if possible instead of resetting to defaults.
  • Added ability to open overlay to specific tab.
  •    If no WebUI connections are setup the menu link will open the overlay WebUI tab.
  • Added row background color on hover.
  •    Applies to Magnet Link and WebUI Connections.
  • Added Twitter link @MagnetTracker along with @Daem0nX (Developer)
  • Added Foundation 2.2.1 CSS Framework by ZURB
  •    Known issue - font size is sometimes different if source site is using html * override.
  • Added webkit rounded corners for Chrome.
  • Added sites to parse.
  • Fixed BTIH detection for sites that changed code.
  •    Added error catching for BTIH that return empty or undefined.
  • Fixed Trackers version number not being added to JSON if upgrading.
  • Fixed Trackers being added even if not unique Trackers > Add Tracker.
  •    If any Trackers have an invalid address none will be added until they are all correct.
  • Fixed donation section not setting the correct height if the error section was active.
  • Changes to Configuration overlay.
  •    Added WebUI tab, removed Misc tab.
       Added inline error and success messages.
       Updated overlay look and feel with Foundation CSS.
  • Changed Lists and Trackers variables and storage names.
  •    Changed gm_lists and storage lists to json_lists
       Changed gm_trackers and storage atrackers to json_trackers.
       Old lists and atrackers are removed from storage when you uninstall the old script.
  • Changed error menu, more dynamic with new messages.
  •    Added new error message with instructions if no trackers are defined.
       Added new error message if no BTIH is detected.
       Default error message now includes site URL address to copy.
  • Changed Default Trackers on install.
  •    udp://openbittorrent.com:80 udp://publicbt.com:80 udp://ccc.de:80 udp://istole.it:80
  • Changed Default List, now populated with Default Trackers on install.
  • Changed behavior of Twitter and Donate buttons.
  •    Requires click to show areas, mouseover removed, mouseout to hide.
  • Modified addition and removal of sites/trackers/lists to use splice().
  •    Updates JSON after all actions are complete instead of after each action.
  • Modified script meta data.
  •    Added @grant for GM_getValue, GM_setValue, GM_deleteValue, GM_addStyle, GM_xmlhttpRequest, GM_log.
  • Upgraded jQuery from 1.7.1 to 1.8.3.
  •    Changed jQuery calls .bind() and .unbind() to .on() and .off().

2012.06.06 - v0.4.3

  • Fixed menu border radius not working in Firefox 13.

2012.02.03 - v0.4.2

  • Fixed BTIH detection for sites that changed code.

2012.01.22 - v0.4.1

  • Fixed BTIH detection for sites that changed code.
  • Changed Flattr donation link.
  • Upgraded jQuery from 1.6.2 to 1.7.1.
  • Changed .live() calls to .on()

2011.08.10 - v0.4.0

  • Upgraded jQuery from 1.3.2 to 1.6.2
  • Added sites to parse.
  • Added better duplicate detection when adding Lists and Trackers.
  • Added scroll height check for Update Alert overlay.
  • Added Script Homepage and Twitter icon to menu bar.
  • Added GM_log function GMlog for console logging.
  • Added new Donation options.
  • Added Flattr icon, new Paypal icon.
  • Fixed updateCheck not returning update if HTTPS Everywhere was installed.
  • Changed USO update link from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Fixed some undeclared variables.
  • Fixed overlay tabs changing url location.
  • Fixed Link Title text being url encoded.
  • Fixed scroll height check for Configuration overlay.
  • Fixed broken List functions in Firefox 4 and 5.
  • Caused by .val() instead of .text() comparisons and others.
  • Fresh script install would fail to create Lists JSON on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed some broken detection code (chunkhash) for sites that changed code.
  • Modified menu title attr to data-title.
  • Removes annoying hover title.
  • Modified all site checks from if() to switch().
  • Removed sites that no longer offer btih.

2010.12.10 - v0.3.0

  • Added sites to parse.
  • Less obtrusive Update Alert (icon instead of auto prompt).
  • Added menu bar with Settings, Update and Donate icons.

2010.10.09 - v0.2.4 & v0.2.5

  • Fixed debugUpdate accidentally set to true forcing update checks.
  • Fixed @description being overwritten with @notes text after updating the update check system.

2010.10.08 - v0.2.3

  • Added new site to parse.
  • Modified update check system.

2010.09.15 - v0.2.2

  • Added new sites to parse.
  • Fixed some formatting issues on Update Alert overlay.
  • Fixed some formatting issues on Settings overlay (tabs)
  • Tab height was weird on some sites
  • Modified all include and excludes to match http or https

2010.07.25 - v0.2.1

  • Added new sites to parse.
  • Modified Lists JSON naming structure. Requires Lists to be reset.
  • Fixed overlay content being hidden if browser height was too small.
  • Fixed ability to add duplicate trackers and sites to list.
  • HTTP and UDP tracker url is validated (regex) when added.
  • Changed primary regex hash check from {32,40} to {40}
  • Added error check for non 40char BTIH hashes. [mininova, etc]
  • If {40} doesn't match, {32,40} is then tried.
  • Fixed a bug caused by quotes " and ampersand & that would break the generated tracker link.
  • Fixed minor syntax errors in overlay tab inline styles.
  • Fixed the hash check code for a few sites that no longer worked.
  • Fixed Lists dropdown resetting to Default if you went to another tab then went back to Lists.

2010.03.24 - 0.2.0 (Alpha)

  • Initial lists implementation.
  • Ability to add multiple trackers at once (multi-line input).
  • Added links to the instructions for adding trackers and creating lists under the Help tab.

2010.03.22 - 0.1.4 (Alpha preview)

  • Settings overlay now stays in the center of the screen after the window is resized.
  • Added link to scripts userscript page on About tab.
  • Added tab icons (source notes for ref/link), new magnet icon and new settings icon
  • Updated include for btjunkie url structure change

2010.03.19 - 0.1.3 (Alpha preview)

  • Fixed an issue caused by a fresh install of v0.1.1 or v0.1.2.

2010.03.18 - 0.1.2 (Alpha preview)

  • Fixed a JSON error in Ubuntu (Simon! alerted me)
  • Fixed default trackers not updating (in tab listbox) without a page refresh
  • Fixed Settings option showing up before it could be called
  • Fixed Error heading not being bold with underline
  • Added some error catching, if no hash is found, error is shown
  • Fixed or Updated includes/excludes

2010.03.18 - 0.1.1 (Alpha preview)

  • Settings overlay still needs work, but looks much more similar across multiple sites.
  • Update Notification overlay still needs work, but looks a lot better now.
  • Fixed an include error for clearbits.
  • Fixed an issue with default trackers not resetting if no trackers were found.
  • Added Help tab with link to Discussions.
  • Fixed the Settings overlay not showing up if there was an Update Alert.

2010-03-16 - 0.1.0 (Alpha preview)

  • Initial test release (ALPHA)
  • Custom menu (bottom right)
  • CSS may need updating to work on all site correctly
  • Custom version update notification system
  • CSS needs some updating to work on all site correctly
  • Custom settings overlay
  • CSS needs needs updating to work on all sites correctly
  • Around 20 supported sites
  • Ability to define trackers
  • Applied to all magnets
  • Defaults to two predefined if none are defined