Script Summary

This userscript will add a menu (bottom right) with a magnet link + user definable trackers either globally or site specific. Supports sending magnet links to WebUI. (uTorrent)

Install v0.5.0
Released 2012.12.02
Requires: Firefox + Greasemonkey
Experimental: Chrome + Tampermonkey
License - GPL

Magnet Tracker is in need of an update, and likely doesn't work with many sites due to domain name changes.



Define trackers to choose from. By default Magnet Tracker includes the following:


Set which trackers are applied to all magnet links or customize trackers based on the website it's found on.


Send the magnet link to your favorite bittorrent applications WebUI. Currently only supports uTorrent. Planned to add support for Vuze, Deluge and Transmission.

Magnet Links

Generates a custom easy to find magnet link based on your Trackers and Lists rules.


Receive an error or find a site that no longer works? Contact the USO discussion group or message us on twitter! @MagnetTracker

What Magnet Tracker IS:

A userscript that customizes the tracker URLs included on bittorrent info hash (btih) magnet links (torrentless torrents) to a user definable global or site specific rule set.

What Magnet Tracker IS NOT:

A P2P application. It cannot: create or edit .torrent files; download or process .torrent files; turn a magnet link into a .torrent file; read the file contents of a magnet link; or create a magnet link from file sets.

60+ Supported Sites