Magnet Tracker is not under development. It likely doesn't work at all with Greasemonkey after Firefox switched from legacy addons to WebExtensions.

Script Summary

This userscript will add a menu (bottom right) with a magnet link + user definable trackers either globally or site specific. Supports sending magnet links to WebUI. (uTorrent)

Install v0.5.0
Released 2012.12.02
Requires: Firefox + Greasemonkey
Experimental: Chrome + Tampermonkey
License - GPL



Define trackers to choose from. By default Magnet Tracker includes the following:


Set which trackers are applied to all magnet links or customize trackers based on the website it's found on.


Send the magnet link to your uTorrent WebUI.

Magnet Links

Generates a custom easy to find magnet link based on your Trackers and Lists rules.


Receive an error or find a site that no longer works? Contact the USO discussion group or message us on twitter! @MagnetTracker

What Magnet Tracker IS:

A userscript that customizes the tracker URLs included on bittorrent info hash (btih) magnet links (torrentless torrents) to a user definable global or site specific rule set.

What Magnet Tracker IS NOT:

A P2P application. It cannot: create or edit .torrent files; download or process .torrent files; turn a magnet link into a .torrent file; read the file contents of a magnet link; or create a magnet link from file sets.